Welcome. I’m Chuck Moshontz, licensed marriage and family therapist, providing therapy and counseling for individuals and couples in Oregon and California via online, web-based counseling.

If you’ve come here, you’re likely looking for help with something in your life you wish was different or that you could change.

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Providing that help is what I do.


Please take a look around to see who I am and a how I work.

If this looks promising, please get in touch and we’ll see if I can give you the help you are looking for. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have.


Although I reluctantly gave up my office in 2020, online therapy turns out to be a remarkably effective way of delivering psychotherapeutic services. Much of the world has adapted and gotten used to telehealth and telemedicine as viable practices. I have learned from my clients the advantages of doing therapy in their homes in terms of comfort, scheduling, and time. Thus until further notice and for the foreseeable future,  all of my therapy sessions are being conducted online through a HIPAA compliant, online video conferencing platform called On Call Health.